ACP in Primary Care Scheme Expansion

Health Education England (HEE) North has made significant investments in supporting the development of Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACP) as it is expected that there will be further growth for the demand of ACP development across our region.

HEE North is now inviting applications for potential ACP funding for the academic year 2018-2019. ACP support will be considered for those developments which align with HEE’s mandate priority areas which are Emergency and Urgent Care, Cancer, Mental Health and Primary Care.

Application to the Scheme:

  1. Provide detailed information and sign up to the protocols by completing an application form using Bristol Online Survey (BOS) Please click on the following link to access an application.

2. Job descriptions to be sent electronically to:

Please note: Job descriptions need to be submitted before the closing date. All job descriptions submitted must include a BOS reference number – which will be confirmed at the end of your application. Please make clear on each job description submitted which service area it relates to.

  1. Application and Job Description submission deadline is 2 April 2018 (Midnight)

Important things to note:

  • Applications on BOS can be saved prior to submitting.
  • Once an application form is submitted amendments cannot be made.
  • All questions need to be completed – incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • Please make clear on each job description submitted which service area it relates to.

Attached Documents

Please carefully read the documents before you commence in applying.

ACP Principles 2018-19’ – which are in line with the Multi-professional framework for advanced clinical practice in England.

ACP Funding Guide 2018-19’ – for the North West and North East. This document details the requirements to receive support and what is expected of the employer.

Application Question Reference for Multi-Professional Advanced Practitioner’ – details the questions which form part of the application. It may be useful to refer to this guide in advance of completing an online application.

Approved Applications

  • Confirmation and further details will be sent to those organisations that have approved applications by 04/05/18
  • 18 May 2018 – Deadline for organisations to confirm if places no longer required. Places to be reallocated if not confirmed.
  • Organisations to confirm names of successful applicants to HEE’s STP contact.

Further Information/Advice

If you require any further information or support please contact: